What Is Clinical Exercise?

Clinical exercise is the process by which we identify the real origin of the chronic pain or periodic discomfort that most of us experience somewhere in our bodies daily or weekly.

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How Does It Work?

Beginning a clinical exercise program starts with a “5D assessment”.  This assessment begins with identifying faulty movement patterns.

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Why Do We Hurt?

Many of the aches and pains we typically feel, if not associated with a traumatic accident or fall are usually the result of some form of muscular and postural imbalance that over time, even years, have begun to break down tissue causing wear and tear on our body, leading to soreness and fatigue.

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Word Of Caution!

If you already have a trainer or go to a gym and decide to design your own corrective exercise program, remember that tight muscles need to be stretched before corrective exercises can be implemented to strengthen weak ones.

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  • I was 35 pounds overweight with a total hip replacement; exhausted, and uncoordinated. His program of clinical exercise re-programmed me from the core out. Today, I have more energy than I have ever had; my balance is great, and (best of all) I've finally got toned arms! The time and money I have spent working with Jake is the best investment I could ever have made in myself. I will have my 58th birthday in July, and I feel better than I have felt in 30 years! Life is truly great! Thank you, Jake
    Sigrid Brannan Ph.D.
  • Certain activities always hurt my back but I had just learned to avoid those activities rather than deal with it. I am a physician, and oddly, I knew going to a physician was not going to help me. After several years of trying different things that did not get to the root of my problem I was referred to Jake. He really is on to something. Through his evaluation and steady work with me I have gotten better and my fear of aging is gone.
    Dr. Barbara Echo, MD, FACEP
  • He knows how to fix any problems I may develop from running or playing golf. At 67, I look pretty good all because of my time spent with this positive, wonderful trainer.
    Sharon Sell
  • I had suffered from chronic middle back pain for many years, and received different therapies, some of which were more effective than others. It wasn’t until after working with “Clinical Exercise” that I really began to feel a difference. Not only in my pain level, which decreased dramatically, but also in my posture, I felt I could stand up straight without it being a challenge. On top of the physical benefits I gained from “Clinical Exercise”, I feel I have a newfound knowledge of how muscle imbalances directly correlate to chronic aches and pains. I would recommend “Clinical Exercise “ to anyone with unresolved pain, or decreased physical performance.
    Erin Bancroft, LMP, CSIP
  • Jake truly changed my life and outlook on fitness. His program made so much sense to me, and it helped me realize how my muscles work together and how important proper training is.
    Tracey St. Onge