Clinical Exercise has been evolving since the 1960’s in response to the need of the many patients who have spent the better part of their time and substance trying to escape from pain.

Where do you hurt?

Let’s erase that pain – who wants to have to manage it?!

How long have you suffered that pain?

Do you want rid of your aches & pains or do you want someone to tell you how to manage that pain?

As you know, pain and limited mobility not only affects your life, it affects every life of those you love around you.

Clinical Exercise fills in the gab left when your insurance coverage runs out and your PT suggests either yoga or the gym. Very often all that good work your PT has accomplished is sometimes undone when you take up your case in the gym! Its true! The right movements, exercise, produce harmony and health in your body and the wrong movements worsen your condition and increase your pain.

Through controlled macro & micro movements your body can learn to ‘fire’ the natural way and regain your full and pain free movements.

Clinical Exercise has been filling the demand of the countless thousands who seek relief from pain. It’s not the same as physical therapy but it picks up where the physical therapist leaves off. Clinical Exercise is not a chiropractic adjustment –but it’s complementary to it.

The Thorough Assessment When Your Body Speaks It’s Truth & We Listen:

It’s a highly exacting exercise program, custom designed for your specific physical problems.

Clinical Exercise is corrective and will peel back the layers of the many incorrect and harmful, habitual movements you’ve been performing daily. In most cases, this is discovered to be the source of your pain.

Using your body in the wrong way is likely to worsen your situation worse because its the way your body automatically compensated in order to work around what ever was broken.

At the time it was a way of avoiding pain, or working around what you used to be able to do, but then could not do.

The Clinical Exercise therapist will begin to remove your current aches and pains by putting in place new ways of moving and help your body to retrain your brain which will remember how to move and eventually become pain free.

These unconscious, almost imperceptive movements are using muscles and tendons that were meant to do other tasks. This means that they are ‘unnatural’ to the foundation of you and your body.

Your pain is most probably related directly to an old injury

We add lifespan to our vehicles if we maintain them; we ensure the fluids are adequate, the oil and oil filter are changed, tire pressure appropriate, etc.

We don’t expect anything mechanical to just run smoothly with out our maintaining them… running a vehicle to ground and just replacing it is not an option we have when it comes to our bodies.

Most of us would prefer to avoid surgery – and yet we sometimes avoid the maintenance to our body that we give to our furnaces, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and vehicles annual going over. We know that taking care of these machines allows them to perform at their optimum – this means they have less wear and tear – they are less likely to breakdown.
and this proactive management also gives us the assurance that the vehicle will not typically break down on a family outing, etc.
our mechanical devices with tune ups, we service car, and our appliances, the furnace, air conditioner, clean out the rain gutters, flush the plumbing and all to add a longer lifespan to them as well as avoid a vehicle breakdown on a family outing or
– of our vehicle breakdown, the furnace or air conditioner stopping on the coldest or hottest day! Or how about the plumbing backing up just when you’ve got company in for a holiday celebration.

The question is, why aren’t we equally proactive when it comes to our bodies?

Instead of “a penny saved is a penny earned” we end up throwing money at supplements, exercise plans, the latest miracle fix. The fact is, we usually step over dollars to pick up pennies. Had we been proactive management we would’ve avoided the alternative of reactive management – that’s what clinical exercise can do for you.

Wouldn’t the process of maintaining our bodies be a better option than letting a condition ramp up to the point where surgical procedure is required …where perhaps joint replacements or spinal

After you’ve been through an holistic assessment that takes everything into consideration – a management plan of very specific exercises can be drawn up and you will be guided & supervised while you learn to implement this.

It is about improved movement so that whatever the repetitive habit your bodies developed to avoid pain is and can be corrected.

Our bodies are superbly engineered so that it’s intelligence will work around anything it needs to which includes weakened muscles and pulled ligaments. Sore joints that have developed due to unhelpful / destructive motion will only worsen if it is not brought back into alignment and the habit pattern usually found in the everyday movements of the body can be retrained.

The body wants to work in the way it was designed to work. Its intelligence wants to walk with an even gait so that the wear and tear is minimized which adds many more years of highly functioning, pain free living.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
a stitch in time saves nine
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

7 MAJOR benefits you are guaranteed to achieve by working with us

1. Increase your fitness and functional capacity
2. Lose weight and tone up
3. Reduce your risk of having future health problems
4. Improve your quality of life
5. Improve your confidence, outlook and emotional wellbeing
6. Increase your knowledge about preventing heart problems in the future
7. LOOK and FEEL better than you have in years

Putting CE into useful application can only begin after an assessment of your body has been thoroughly examined. Sometimes minor corrections to the way you move will allievate the pain you’ve been suffering.

Physical patterns that are repetitive

Clinical Exercise is a process of applying very specific pressure and release manipulations


Exercise physiologists use the information from the patient evaluation to prescribe a treatment of physical activity to improve chronic health conditions.

Clinical exercise is the process by which we identify the real origin of the chronic pain or periodic discomfort that most of us experience somewhere in our bodies daily or weekly.

Why Do We Hurt?

Many of the aches and pains we typically feel, if not associated with a traumatic accident or fall are usually the result of some form of muscular and postural imbalance that over time, even years, have begun to break down tissue causing wear and tear on our body, leading to soreness and fatigue.

Clinical Exercise LLC was founded to fill the gap between medicine and fitness. We work together with chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians to produce relief from chronic pain and nagging discomfort. Our goal is to see pain medication and orthopedic surgery only as a last resort after all other options have been explored.

How Does It Work?

Beginning a clinical exercise program starts with a “5D assessment”. This assessment begins with identifying faulty movement patterns. Everyone has a weak core and the well accepted core exercises don’t cut it. Why? Because they are done dynamically before we are able to stabilize ourselves statically. We perform the movements with the same faulty movement patterns that are present in our daily lives. We are literally exercising ourselves into further dysfunction. Clinical Exercise breaks down our bodies into the tiniest increments of movement patterns, finding the imbalance and correcting it before we are allowed to move on to the next step. Our outer muscles are strong but our inner muscles are weak, even in the fittest of us. We are built symmetrically but we don’t function symmetrically; not in recreation, occupation, not even when we sleep! These imbalances create pain, and these imbalances are what Clinical Exercise identifies and rectifies; balancing the body, allowing it to move freely, the way it was designed. The location of pain and the cause of the pain are not always in the same place. Dysfunction in the lower extremity kinetic chain can create chronic lower back pain and even neck or shoulder discomfort. The “5D Assessment” doesn’t just evaluate the location of the pain, but also every other joint, muscle and connective tissue in the kinetic chain that may directly or indirectly contribute to the restriction, weakness or instability.

Why Do We Hurt?

Many of the aches and pains we typically feel, if not associated with a traumatic accident or fall are usually the result of some form of muscular and postural imbalance that over time, even years, have begun to break down tissue causing wear and tear on our body, leading to soreness and fatigue. Gravity is pushing down on the human body with a pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch. Our body is designed to absorb that load only while in proper alignment. Modern society has not done us any favors when it comes to the amount of hours we find ourselves sitting each day and engaging in repetitive movements or little to no movement at all.

Word Of Caution!

If you already have a trainer or go to a gym and decide to design your own corrective exercise program, remember that tight muscles need to be stretched before corrective exercises can be implemented to strengthen weak ones. This process needs to happen simultaneously during your workout session. Failure to properly progress through these stages will only lead to further breakdown and compensation in your kinetic chain, increasing your risk for future muscular and structural complications. This is why many well-meaning professionals guide their patients to try yoga, palates, gym memberships or personal trainers with little to no results, and in many cases worsen your current symptoms. Find a competent trainer that specializes in corrective exercise and neuromuscular re-education as well as progressive, functional strength training to get the results you’re looking for.

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