I grew up overseas in a very poor country near the equator. As kids we spent our days when not in school playing outside from morning till night. We didn’t have snow or cold weather, just two seasons, hot & dry and hot & wet! With virtually no electronics and living in a remote village 25 miles from the nearest telephone, needless to say, life revolved around physical activities like soccer, running, track & field events, etc… I was naturally gifted in athletics and held high school records in numerous events. After graduating from high school and returning to the United States I struggled with the cold weather and relatively sedentary lifestyle of most career options. I’ve always loved people and been very sensitive and empathetic to their pain and struggles both physically and emotionally.

I fell in love with the fitness industry from the moment I set foot in my first gym! After talking to several trainers in the club I “KNEW” that this was what I was created to do! I began taking health, fitness and athletic training classes at North Idaho College, and within months I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer! My career exploded! The following successes marked my early years in the industry and laid the foundation for my life’s passion.

  • Fitness Manager of the largest 24-Hour Fitness club in Spokane
  • September 2000 – 1st place Fitness Manager of the Pacific Northwestern Division, averaging 124% of goal, out of 40 clubs
  • November 1999 – rated the #6 trainer in the company out of over 2,000 trainers
    • Achievement Awards\
    • November 2000 – 1st place in personal training production, AA Division Category.
    • November 1999 – 2nd place in production performance, AA Division Category
    • October 1999 – 3rd place in production performance, AA Division Category
    • June 1999 – 2nd place in production performance, A Division Category

Something was missing though? I attended a large fitness convention after those first few successful years of training and while there I looked around at the trainers and realized that I was definitely in the top percentile as far as physique goes. I was feeling pretty good about myself until one of the presenters asked me to come up to the front of the room and be the demonstration participant for his lecture on “Movement Dysfunction & Muscle Imbalances”. It turned out that I had the poorest movement quality of anyone in that room even though I looked the best! I had been body building and strength training for hours a day, looking great, but destroying my body on the inside! This is when the light bulb went off for me and I realized that I spent my days driving people to look and feel better while all the time damaging their joints and muscles and setting them up for long term aches, pains, and orthopedic surgeries!

My success had been based on my passion for people, love for exercise, natural charisma and super high energy but with this new awareness an even greater passion arose! The search for “Truth” as it pertained to healthy aging. In that moment I resolved to dedicate myself to studying and mastering the art of corrective exercise and maximized movement efficiency! I was no longer driven by just trying to help people look better on the outside but rebuilding their bodies from the inside out so they could actually feel better, live longer, and experience a better quality of life.
I became a certified “Corrective Exercise Specialist” with NASM and the following is brief summary of some of the areas of study that I have pursued over the years:
Certification & Expertise

  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist ( NASM – CES )
  • Certified Personal Trainer ( NASM – CPT )
  • Certified Trainer FIT / PRO ( 24-Hour Fitness )
  • Certified Apex Nutrition Specialist ( Apex Fitness Inc. )
  • 12 years working in a large physical therapy practice as a CES developing programs for post injury rehabilitation and functional training
  • 5 years working with Chiropractors developing integrated rehabilitation protocols for myofascial and structural imbalances
  • Senior Partner, Developer & Editor of a company that produced training materials & exercise programming for personal trainers
  • Spatial Medicine Instructor
  • Owner of Clinical Exercise LLC
  • Co-owner of Myofascial Release Tools LLC
  • Small sampling of my continuing education studies:
    Integrated Neuromuscular Re-education – specializing in muscle energy therapy (MET / PNF) and positional release, Strain / counter-strain (PRT), Advanced Flexibility Training – specializing in static, passive, active, dynamic, and assisted flexibility techniques for therapeutic, training, and sports enhancement purposes, Self -Myofascial Release (SMR) with extensive research and application in innovative products & new techniques, Releasing the Iliopsoas – hands on palpation, assessment, trigger point release, positional release and muscle swimming to improve integrated kinetic chain function of the Iliopsoas and the associated muscles of the trunk and pelvis, Optimum Performance Training – specializing in the assessment and treatment of kinetic Chain Imbalances, with a focus on systematic and duplicatable program design. Psychological and Physiological effects of: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, and Chronic pain as it relates to adherence, healing, and quality of life

After almost 20 years as a professional in the fitness and rehabilitation industry and investing well over 50,000 hours in treating and managing corrective exercise programs I am thoroughly convinced that my “Mission Statement” (See website link to Mission Statement) sums up everything I have invested my life in up to this point! I hope this Bio gives you peace of mind in seeking our help to reduce your pain, improve your functional abilities and maximize your quality of life so you can be all you were meant to be!

We look forward to seeing here at Clinical Exercise LLC,

Jake Baumann, NASM, CES – CPT, Studio Owner