What We Do

Here at Clinical Exercise we fill the gap between medicine and fitness. Traditionally, when physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and massage only produce temporary relief from chronic pain and nagging discomfort the only place we know to turn is pain medication and orthopedic surgery. The problem with this idea is that unless accompanied by some acute trauma, most of these aches and pains do not require surgery to eliminate or greatly reduce the severity of the symptoms. I believe that surgery and medications should be the last resort in dealing with our discomfort, only after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Through our clinical exercise programming “ Maximized Mobility 7 “ we attempt to identify the underlying origin of the chronic pain or periodic discomfort that most of us experience somewhere in our bodies daily or weekly. We work on the root cause of your pain and develop a very specific plan to correct the problem and get you back to living an active and fit lifestyle, enjoying every day and maximizing your busy life.

Most of us have a weak core and the well accepted core exercises don’t cut it. Why? Because they are done dynamically before we are able to stabilize ourselves statically. We perform the movements with the same faulty movement patterns that are present in our daily lives. We are literally exercising ourselves into further dysfunction. Clinical exercise professionals break down our bodies into the tiniest increments of movement patterns, finding the imbalance and correcting it before we are allowed to move on to the next step. Our outer muscles are strong but our inner muscles are weak, even in the fittest of us. We are built symmetrically but we don’t function symmetrically; not in recreation, occupation, not even when we sleep! These imbalances create pain, and these imbalances are what Clinical exercise trainers identifiy and rectify; balancing the body, allowing it to move freely, the way it was designed. The location of pain and the cause of pain are not always in the same place. Dysfunction in the lower extremity kinetic chain can create chronic lower back pain and even neck and shoulder discomfort. The “5D” Assessment doesn’t just evaluate the location of the pain but also every other joint, muscle and connective tissue in the kinetic chain that may be directly or indirectly contributing to the restriction, weakness or instability.

Gravity is pushing down on the human body with a pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch. Your body is designed to absorb that load only while in proper alignment. Modern society has not done us any favors when it comes to the amount of hours we find ourselves sitting each day and engaging in repetitive movements or little to no movement at all.

Clinical exercise programs realign the body, re-establishing optimal posture, and balancing the muscular mechanics against gravitational, occupational, and recreational forces.