1. Will you still be performing one-on-one training sessions with us or is that going to change with your new business model?

– My one-on-one training sessions will not change in any way. One-on-one training is the foundation to the success of this business model. Unless I can treat you one-on-one I cannot effectively design and assign the corrective exercise routines to provide you with the results you want.

  1. Is this new business model going to be like having a gym or fitness center membership?

– NO, this is nothing like a gym membership. Please understand our program completely before enrolling in our membership. We are offering “Studio Memberships” which I will explain later. You will not have unlimited access to just come in and use the equipment. You will have scheduled times each week that are reserved for you. You will come in and perform specific exercise routines based on your needs and goals, and have access to the amazing “State of the Art” aerobic machines. If you are looking for a gym membership to just go workout we have many great gyms in the area that you could join in addition to our “Studio Memberships”.

  1. What is “Studio Memberships”?

– Studio Memberships is truly a revolutionary concept that I have developed to fill a huge gap in “Corrective Exercise” implementation. To my knowledge and research it has never been done in the capacity that I desire to apply it. This makes each of you a pioneer with me in bringing a whole new level of technology and application into modern exercise science.

I joined an online company that provides an integrated technology platform for “Corrective Exercise Specialists” to design comprehensive exercise therapy routines that can be sent to any computer, laptop, ipad, or smart phone anywhere in the world. With my level of access I have over 6,000 exercises to choose from and hundreds of pre-designed routines covering anything from post-surgery rehabilitation to advanced plyometric, sport training for athletes, and everything in between.

Instead of sending these programs to your home, where you don’t have the necessary exercise equipment, accountability, or supervision to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, I will be projecting my training routines to large HD television screens in the studio. These routines are complete with written descriptions, audio, and even video demonstrations.

Each client will have access to an ipad or laptop projecting their routine to its correlating, flat screen television. Each TV will have controls for the client to pause, play, or stop their own video program and some kind of wireless headphones so as not to disturb others around them if they wish to listen to the exercise description audio.

  1. How is this different then seeing a personal trainer for one-on-one sessions?

 – This is completely different from seeing a trainer one-on-one. Nothing can replace the individual attention and hands-on expertise that a professional trainer can provide, however due to financial limitations or the desire to become more independent in pursuing your fitness goals, it is a great alternative. It is also a great supplement to increase the frequency of your workouts in a supervised environment over and above your one-on-one sessions.

  1. Will I have an actual personal trainer working with me while I exercise?

 – No, our plan is to have a trainer in the studio performing a one-on-one session with a client while the “Studio Memberships” are in progress. This will allow general oversight to prevent you from doing exercises incorrectly. It will also allow you to ask brief questions as needed as long as it doesn’t take away from the client who is paying for the one-on-one session. General supervision gives us the chance to watch you while we are training others to give you valuable feedback even after the workout session to better direct your future workout sessions.

  1. Will the studio environment by like a traditional gym?

 – NO, we will be a medically based “Clinical Exercise Facility” that is clean, professional, and attractive to the “aging athlete & recreational client”. Music, dress attire, smells, and sounds will be appropriate for our clinical setting. We will base our business model on offering high-end exercise equipment and professional supervision in online streaming format, small group exercise and one-on-one training. It will be a comfortable environment even for your parents or grandparents.

  1. How does scheduling & facility access work?

 – You will invest in membership access of 1x, 2x or 3x per week. You will schedule which days and times you want to come in on a “first come, first serve” basis. Those times will be reserved for you long-term until you discontinue your membership or choose to move to a different time spot. Usage is by appointment only to maximize facility usage and be able to offer more services in a smaller amount of space. My future plan is to expand to be able to offer 6-8 clients the opportunity to come in for “Studio Memberships” at the same time but due to space restraints when we first start business I will only be able to handle two clients per clinic hour while I’m training another client one-on-one. Please contact us to lock in your spot, as soon as possible, if you have limited availability in your schedule! If you can’t make your scheduled appointment for some unexpected reason, you may call and come in a couple hours later or the next day, as long as there is an available slot open to make it up.

  1. How does this compare to other training businesses?

– There are many franchises that have been doing small group training for years but the workouts are always done with the same equipment and at the same level as everyone else regardless of your goals. Now you can have individualized workouts, projected via the internet, to a high definition TV in your “Workout Area”. These workouts are designed specifically to meet your goals and needs, based on extensive research and assessment of primary muscle imbalances and can be manipulated based on your age, gender, and physical condition.

Imagine waking up with a stiff back after a day of gardening and being able to come in and select a “low back corrective exercise routine” for that days’ workout. Or maybe you just strained your shoulder throwing a ball with your kid or grandchild so you pull up a shoulder rehab routine instead. Now every workout you perform will be specifically geared for whatever you have going on your life. No more wasted time in the gym not knowing what to do or doing the wrong things and hurting more than you did before.

There is no other organization or company on the market currently doing what we will be doing. It is professionally supervised personal training at a fraction of the price of a one-on-one session. This is revolutionary in the fitness field because now you can have the benefit of professional trainer over-sight, who specializes in knowing what you need to do, to get where you want to be, at a reduced rate compared to one-on-one session pricing.

  1. What is my Passion & Purpose?

– The one thing I believe in the most that I cannot stress enough and I have seen hundreds of times over the years is that, it is not that clients can’t learn to exercise on their own, it is that they won’t do it; or if they do exercise, they end up doing a lot of the same exercises over and over. I currently have many clients that are still training with me one-on-one after twelve or thirteen years, not because they don’t know what to do on their own but because they just won’t without someone to hold them accountable and motivated on a weekly basis. For many of you, only coming in once a week or twice per month, is just not enough focused effort to correct your extensive muscular imbalances or get the kind of functional gains you are looking for.

So my hope is that we can get you committed to a lifetime of fitness, educated to feel confident in what your body can safely do, motivated to work hard to get results, and consistent by being the trainers that call you up on the phone when you miss a workout to check up on you and reschedule you for another time.

  1. Why the need for this level of Supervision & Guidance?

 – Number one, in all my years of experience is the intricate connection between the simultaneous release of restricted myofascial & muscular tissue and the direct activation of its opposing weakness followed by the re-integration of functional performance exercises. I’ve found that even individuals who faithfully do massage one day and then go workout the next, never truly resolve the deeper layers of muscular dysfunction. The same is true with altered arthrokinematics. A restricted joint ROM will never allow proper Force-Couple relationships of any of the muscles surrounding that joint. It is imperative for long-term success that the “4S Corrective Exercise Process” be followed exactly as recommended by your trainer. Failure to do so results in the normal cycle-               ( Exercise = Eventual Injury = Pain = Long rehab = Return to Exercise = REPEAT ) 

  1. What is the Viability & Demographic Need?

– This is the first alternative to surgery and medication, which often have temporary and frequently detrimental results. This is what people are looking for if we help educate them. Aging athletes & baby boomers are “getting older but don’t want to age!” Many of them are willing to invest in themselves to stay healthy and functional later in life. They need clinically supervised fitness training programs geared specifically toward their desired outcomes. Effective programming will require multiple pieces of functional exercise equipment that can redirect gravitational loading to minimize joint wearing and overload. Programs need to be monitored by clinical exercise trainers. Gyms are not providing the right programs for these individuals and often what they do offer are usually ineffective, dangerous or too advanced for these clients. I.E. boot camps, step classes, body pump, circuit, zumba, etc…

Specific classes are needed to address common Human Movement Impairments like “upper crossed syndrome”, “pronation distortion syndrome”, or “lower crossed

syndrome”. Other classes need to be tailored specifically for pre and post joint replacement surgeries. Often by the time patients pursue surgical intervention for these orthopedic conditions they have months or years of altered arthrokinematics and muscle imbalances due to the cumulative injury cycle. Correcting or improving these muscle imbalances prior to surgery will greatly improve long-term surgical outcomes, post-op recovery and patient satisfaction.

Atmosphere is everything! This demographic does not fit in at a conventional gym. They are intimidated and annoyed by loud noise & music, bright colors, typical gym attire, free weights, the smell of sweat, rubberized flooring, etc… If we cater to their needs and desires they will utilize our services and come to us for help.

These individuals don’t just need access to a fitness center they need supervised and guided exercise training sessions.

  1. What “GAP” is this filling in the Market?

– The medical profession as a whole, up until recently, has virtually shunned the use of gyms and personal trainers as a means of improving ones functional capacity and quality of life due to the fact that they have seen little of competent, educated, and clinically experienced exercise staff. Recently the trends are shifting and the medical community is realizing the necessity of exercise and strength training as a way of dealing with the health care crisis in the U.S. patient awareness and education is improving as well and many of them are trying to reduce the amount of medication they are using in exchange for a more holistic and health focused treatment plan.

HIRSA stands for “The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association”. According to the “2012 IHRSA Top Health Club Trends” number 10 on the list is “Physician Prescribed Exercise”. It is quoted as follows, “As the population ages, obesity rates rise, and healthcare costs increase; health clubs more and more become an answer to our nations health crisis. While doctors write more than 3.4 billion prescriptions per year and mention medications during more than 70% of office visits, physicians are just beginning to prescribe the real wonder drug – exercise. For 2012 and beyond, physicians, and healthcare professionals will prescribe exercise at increasing rates and health insurance providers will structure more of their programs to reward healthy lifestyle habits.”

Many aging athletes and recreational exercisers are willing to pay for this type of service, out of pocket, but they simply don’t know where to go or who to trust. According to IHRSA’s “Number 5” on the 2012 trends list, “Small Group Personal Training” they report that, “In 1999, 4 million Americans were using personal trainer. Now that number hovers around 6.5 million. Over 91% of the IHRSA clubs surveyed offer personal training, however the growth in training has not come from one-on-one training but small group personal training or SGPT. SGPT offers the benefits and motivation of personal training combined with more fun and less expense. Reasons behind the explosion in SGPT programming are obvious, as SGPT is more economical for the consumer, more efficient for the club and trainer and offers the group experience high.”

 For a complete listing of IHRSA’s 2012 “Trend Report” and how Clinical Exercise LLC is prepared to step into 2014, targeting consumer trends and using them to maximize its impact, go to www.ihrsa.org. 

  1. How will the Exercise Programming be set up?

“Corrective Exercise” involves a comprehensive fitness screening and postural analysis to identify areas of compensation and weakness. Once a baseline is established we will implement the “4S corrective exercise process” of softening, stretching, stabilizing, and strengthening the imbalanced muscles to improve functional performance. This will greatly decrease our clients risk of future injuries and setbacks in their pursuit of a more active and fit lifestyle as they age.

“Strengthening Exercise” will use evidence-based exercise research to determine which strength exercises to choose. The human body only has one or two primary movements emphasized by the dominant muscle groups at each major joint. In light of this we will take each large muscle group in the body and teach clients only the most effective strength exercises used to train that muscle. We will give them six or seven variations of this exercise that they can choose from based on the equipment choices they may have available to them. This does not mean that there are no other good or effective exercises out there, it just means we know these work to get the job done safely and effectively without needing to confuse them with unlimited options or put unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments.

“Integrated Strengthening Exercise” puts all the previous pieces together to maximize overall fitness and begin accelerating our clients toward their individual goals from weight loss to advanced athletics. We combine core exercise and strength training in unstable environments and integrate them both together. The exercises we teach will burn the most calories in the shortest time possible, enhance our clients long-term functionality, and decrease their risk of developing common “Human Movement Impairments” more than any other training programs available on the market today.

  1. How do I sign up and get started?