In the “Maximized Mobility Studio Membership” your body is ready to pursue whatever fitness goals or aspirations you may have using state of the art equipment in our specialized facility. Whether your desire is to just enjoy life with less chronic pain or take on a new sport or hobby, we put together a specific program for you, and send you out to enjoy your new active lifestyle. You don’t just need access to a gym or fitness center, you need supervised and guided exercise programs to get the most out of your valuable investment of time and energy!

Why do generally deconditioned clients,  recovering patients and those struggling with chronic pain need a membership at our Clinical Exercise Facility? Because, based on my own twenty years of personal experience as well as working with dozens of medical providers:

  1. Just because a client has a picture and a description of the exercise or stretch

to be performed doesn’t mean the client will execute the movement correctly or safely. I have many times had clients come in and show me the exercises that I had given them and often they rarely resemble anything like the exercise I originally gave them.

  1. Motivation to do the home program in its entirety for the duration you request of them is extremely difficult for the majority of individuals. Without supervision and accountability most of them tend to let things slip especially when they are not their favorite things to do. The problem is without the consistency, no matter how good the designed program is, the results will always be sub-par or non-existent.
  2. Human interaction has been shown in the research to be the one element irreplaceable to the long-term results of any home program. This is true of not just medically prescribed exercise routines, but commercially sold DVD’s on weight lifting, weight loss, yoga, pilates, etc… Millions of dollars a year are invested in by individuals who do them for a short time and then have them end up on a shelf, in a garage sale, or the dumpster. They need to work out with other people to stay focused and motivated for a life-time.

If you complete the entire “Maximized Mobility 7 Program” you will have the opportunity to join our graduate program called “The Masters Connection” where you can come in for monthly re-evaluations of:  measurements, weight, body composition, fitness tests, etc… and we can help you mix up your routines or game plan your next months’ workout strategy.

Some clients choose to stay with a clinical exercise trainer 1x, 2x, or 3x per week in addition to their membership to help them sustain their motivation and stay on track with their pain management, weight loss, or athletic specific exercise routines. The choice is up to you.

Membership Environment

Atmosphere is everything! Our clientele usually doesn’t fit in at a conventional gym. Most of our clients are experiencing some level of physical pain or emotional discomfort due to their condition. Many of our patrons are intimidated or annoyed by loud noise & music, bright colors, typical gym clothing attire, massive steel plates, rubberized flooring, and the smell of sweat! Our clients want a clinical quality fitness facility that is clean, professional, and attractive to the “over fifty” clientele. We offer state of the art, high-end exercise and rehabilitation equipment, much of which can’t be found in any traditional gym, accompanied by professional supervision, small group exercise classes and one-on-one training. We are also looking forward to offering yoga or basic stretching classes in the near future.

Many of our clients have been injured in traditional gyms before. What they need is clinically supervised fitness training programs geared specifically toward their desired outcomes. Effective programming requires multiple pieces of functional exercise equipment that can redirect gravitational loading to minimize joint wearing and overload. Instruction is given by clinical exercise trainers who understand physical limitations and medical conditions. Gyms are not providing the right programs for these individuals and often what they do offer are usually ineffective, dangerous or too advanced for these clients, like: cross fit, boot camps, step classes, body pump, zumba, etc…

Visit us today and see the difference for yourself!