“Maximized Mobility 7 Programs” are the first alternative to surgery and medication, which often have temporary and frequently detrimental results. However, even if surgery is eventually required, long-term health maintenance will be optimized by implementing these lifestyle workouts here in our clinical studio or online if you don’t live near the Spokane or Couer’d Alene area.

This is the exercise programming you are looking for if you find yourself “getting older but not wanting to age!” All of our clients and members are willing to invest in themselves to stay healthy and functional later in life through weekly adherence to healthy exercise programs, developed and guided by clinical exercise trainers. You don’t just need a gym membership, personal trainer, or generic workout routine that may cause further injury or regress your current physical condition. We want to decrease your pain and improve your quality of life, not cause more problems and muscle imbalances. We want to see you healthy, happy and full of energy! With our professional guidance you will learn exactly which strength exercises you need to do weekly, when you need to vary them, and how to progress safely through each phase for the rest of your life to live a long, full and productive life into your later years.