Beginning a clinical exercise program starts with a “5D Assessment”. This is a comprehensive fitness screening and postural analysis to identify areas of compensation, weakness, and pain. Once a baseline is established to measure specific adaptations we will implement a corrective exercise strategy founded on sound, evidenced based, research and practice.

Programming starts with the “4S Pain Reduction System” which is made up of 7 different tracks to choose from:

  1. Feet & Ankle
  2. Knees
  3. Hips
  4. Sway Back
  5. Rounded Shoulders
  6. Elbows & Wrists
  7. Forward Head

The track you start with will be determined by the results found in your “5D Assessment” or recommendations from you doctor or other health care provider. Depending on the complexity of your imbalances you may need to go through more than one of these programs. Each program consists of 7 weeks of treatment. You will meet with your trainer 1x or 2x per week for the first six weeks of the program and then spend the final week on your own in our clinic practicing your routines. The “4S Pain Reduction System” is also available online but hands on interaction with a specialist is highly recommended if at all possible. The programs consist of stretching and loosening exercises to increase the range of motion of restricted joints. Once the restrictions are loosened we use core stabilization exercises followed by multi-joint movements to re-educate the newly freed-up tissue and strengthen the stability of the spine and pelvis.

Next you progress into the “Functional Mobility Training Programs” where we have 3 tracks to choose from. For maximum benefit and a healthy pain free body for life we recommend going through all 3 phases. However each phase can be done individually as needed or referred by your health care provider. Online training is available but we strongly recommend personal interaction to ensure the greatest benefit.

  1. Progressive Core – 7 weeks of isolated pelvic floor stabilization, strengthening of core muscles and integration of optimal truck movement mechanics),
  2. Full Body Functional – 7 weeks of evidence based, biomechanically correct, strength exercises to develop your larger, external muscle groups. These muscles will be trained through their primary ranges of motion to provide dynamic control to the foundation of core stability that you developed in the first phase), and finally
  3. Full Body Integrated – 7 weeks of putting together all you’ve learned to maximize postural positioning, muscular balance, and functional movement patterns. Simply speaking we combine the benefits of flexibility, core stability and muscular strength to give you a less symptomatic and more balanced body. The exercises we teach you in this phase will burn the most calories in the shortest time possible and enhance your long-term functionality more than any other style of training available in the market today!

Lastly, in the “Maximized Mobility Studio Membership” your body is ready to pursue whatever fitness goals or aspirations you may have using state of the art equipment in our specialized facility. Whether your desire is to just enjoy life with less chronic pain or take on a new sport or hobby, we put together a specific program for you, and send you out to enjoy your new active lifestyle.

You now have the opportunity to join our graduate program called “The Masters Connection” where you can come in for monthly re-evaluations of: measurements, weight, body composition, fitness tests, etc… and we can help you mix up your routines or game plan your next months strategy.

Some clients choose to stay with a personal trainer 1x, 2x, or 3x per week to help them sustain their motivation and stay on track with their pain management, weight loss, or athletic specific exercise routines. The choice is up to you.