In varying degrees you may deal with general muscle soreness or weakness, a lack of energy, or just overall fatigue. For some of us it might be the stiffness we feel in our low backs, hips, or knees when we get up in the morning; while for others it may be stabbing pain or aching joints when we engage in the routine activities or sports that we have participated in for years. So why does it hurt now? It never hurt before when I did this? Is this just the normal process of aging?

Yes & No! Yes we are all aging, a little each year, and that does play a small roll in how are bodies respond to activity, but – No, all the aches and pains we typically feel, if not associated with a traumatic accident or fall are usually the result of some form of muscular and postural imbalance that over time, even years, have begun to break down tissue causing wear and tear on our body, leading to soreness and fatigue. If the pain is from a specific injury that you experienced in the past but has not gone away or periodically plagues you, “Maximized Mobility 7” will begin to alter the poor movements, realigning optimal body mechanics, and reducing or eliminating your pain.

We will identify the underlying cause of your pain and develop a very specific plan to correct the problem and get you back to living an active and fit lifestyle, enjoying every day and maximizing your busy life.